It’s been ages since my last post and I feel really bad for neglecting the site. So I wanted to explain myself.  I lost my job 2 months ago and I have been frantically looking for a new one. As you can imagine I haven’t had much time to write or update my blog. I aim to do some advertising on Facebook once I’m employed and am relying on Twitter to help get my name out there. I reached 500 followers as of last week! Very excited.

My released novels Darkness before Dawn and Skylark have been out for a month or so now and are doing well. I hope to attract more reviews so I can post them to the site. Head over to the book store to check them out.

Now as for novels, I have finally finished editing my dystopian Edge of Tomorrow after some help from very talented beta readers. Thank you guys! The book is 100x better and I even have agents interested.

Of course my main priority is to get a job, but I am also very keen to get Edge of Tomorrow sold. It is currently doing the rounds with agents and publishers. I have started writing my next urban fantasy which will join EarthWalker. While I was on my first wedding anniversary last week, I actually dreamed of the book (plot, characters etc), so I knew it was important for me to do it. I am slowly working on it while I get my other priorities completed first.

Thanks for your support, and I hope to announce a new job and book contract soon. How cool would that be!


Today is the release of my novel Darkness before Dawn. Here it is! It has been two long years in the making, with hiccups along the way, but I am so proud to be here.

Please email me at kelliewallacebooks@hotmail.com if you have any questions or you would like to review it. Go to the Books page to read the synopsis.

One month till release!

Darkness before Dawn will be released a month from today on July 17th! Im so excited. I’ve been working hard on the edits supplied by my publisher and I hope it is in the best possible way before release. 

I’ve been asked by some people if the book will be in print form. At the moment, no, but it will be available about 10 months after release. It will be able to be purchased from Amazon and Soul Mate Publishing’s site. 

Stay tuned. I will be announcing its release here first.