New project

Im sorry for my lack of posts lately. Been busy with life and work.

A few months ago I started my historical fiction Little Bird. At the time I wasn’t really feeling it. See, I’ve been dying to write a dystopia novel. In fact I dreamt of my characters long before I started it. The book is called Promised Land (in fact its been called many names) and it stems from a few book ideas I had in mind. I started writing it a few weeks ago and haven’t stopped. I’m so passionate about it and modestly, my best work yet. I’m looking forward to sending it to agents soon 🙂


Skylark update

I received my first edits for Skylark from my publisher this morning. Very exciting and she loved editing it 🙂 Skylark will be released as an ebook on 1 August 2013.


I’ll be doing a giveaway to celebrate my upcoming release Darkness before Dawn. I will be giving away my first book All she ever wanted. Visit my Giveaways page for more information 🙂

Release date news!

I received an update from my publisher today. My historical fiction novel Darkness before Dawn has been given a tentative release date of June 2013. I will post an official date once it has been given to me. Two books out this year so far!