Skylark update

I received my first edits for Skylark from my publisher this morning. Very exciting and she loved editing it 🙂 Skylark will be released as an ebook on 1 August 2013.


Book update

My urban fantasy novel EarthWalker has been picked up by my publisher Soul Mate Publishing. I am very excited to be working with them with my two books. I’ll post my release date when I have it.


I’ll be doing a giveaway to celebrate my upcoming release Darkness before Dawn. I will be giving away my first book All she ever wanted. Visit my Giveaways page for more information 🙂

Release date news!

I received an update from my publisher today. My historical fiction novel Darkness before Dawn has been given a tentative release date of June 2013. I will post an official date once it has been given to me. Two books out this year so far!


I thought I would update my readers on my current situation. Life has been hectic lately and all my books have slipped from my priority list.

After a good 2-3 week hiatus I have started writing my HF, Little Bird again. Its good to get back into it. I didn’t realise how much I missed it.

Currently my thriller To Lean on Falling Men is still out on submissions and my urban fantasy, EarthWalker has had a few bites. I am so eager to get 2013 rolling, and make it my year for my writing career!

Stay tuned for more info on my other books Darkness before Dawn and Skylark being released this year.