Her Sweetest Downfall On Sale

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Breaking news! Her Sweetest Downfall is now on sale for 99c for a limited time only!

Amazon: http://tinyurl.com/pebhzft

Make sure to pick it up at the great price. To read the synopsis, click here. Her Sweetest Downfall is a story of forbidden love in the midst of war! Perfect for summer reading. Make sure to pick it up your copy today!


Her Sweetest Downfall Now in Print + New Review

Young beautiful couple in each other's arms on a dark backgroundHer Sweetest Downfall is now available in print on Amazon for $8.79.

Plus it also comes with a lovely review. Thank you reader Interrobanged!

“Viola Craft’s marriage is one of duty and heartache, and desperately trying to please her older husband, Vernon. Despite all of her efforts, however, he still wants the one thing that she cannot–and will not–give him. This book is the slow-motion tumble of lives under siege. At times, Her Sweetest Downfall was challenging to read. Not because of any problems with the writing; much the contrary. The difficulties between the protagonist and her husband are well-rendered, and her indecision about what to do with her life in the face of societal constraints is painful and frustrating.

Readers will find themselves hoping Viola and those around her make the right choices and may feel a little heartbreak themselves. I guarantee there will be two points in the book that make readers stop and re-read, thinking that events couldn’t have turned out that way. These lost opportunities add a sad realism of the book, however. That said, without giving too many spoilers, the book comes to a satisfying, if unexpected, conclusion. Readers will find Her Sweetest Downfall a poignant read, at times a little frightening, but in the end, Viola’s downfall may also be her salvation.”


Rejections are a part of every writer’s repertoire. I’ve received hundreds in my years of submitting – I even have a folder in my email dedicated to them, though I dare not to look!

For new authors, rejections are hard to swallow. Feelings of inadequacies often follow. Is it me or do they hate my writing?  I thought like that for years, and hated my work because of it. But you must never take it personal. Agents or publishers don’t dislike you as a person- your work doesn’t suit them at the time or they didn’t feel a connection to the work.

I’m currently in submission for my historical WIP Unspoken. I’ve received nothing but rejections for 2 months. It stings but I keep on trucking. Someone out there will like this work, a book I spent 12 months pouring blood, sweat and tears into.

I submitted to a well known publishing house recently and they seemed keen on reading the work. I heard back from them today and I knew the email wasn’t going to be an offer. They said the work had great detail but read like a soap opera. I don’t disagree with them – I see it, but I never intended for the “drama to go on and on”. It needs cleaning up obviously, despite having 3 beta readers and two edits by me. A book can never have too many edits.

They mentioned it needs a good copy edit and my past tense is all off. Unfortunately that’s my weakness; I can’t seem to grasp past and present tense well enough. My current publisher is always pulling their hair out because of it.

I expect a lot more rejections to come with this new revelation. I wish I had spent more time editing it before submitting it to 20+ publishers. I get too impatient and can’t wait to submit it.

I’ve spent so much time and effort on the book I couldn’t wait to get it out there and out of my mind. Never listen to your head! If the book doesn’t feel finished, don’t send it out!

Rejections are a part of life and something you must never take personal. Just think: JK Rowling was rejected by dozens of publishers before being sold. When a publisher or agent rejects your work, they are not rejecting you as a person and its only one person’s opinion. There are many other avenues out there for you work. Just keep on writing!

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We hit 2000 visits on the blog! Thank you everyone who has visited and followed my blog. I appreciate your support!

2014 – The Year That Was

2014 was a pretty eventful year for me – I had 2 book releases (Earthwalker and To lean on falling Men) and a promise for a third. What I mean by that is I had finally finished my first ever dystopian which had taken 6 months to write and edited it profusely for a few months. I had constant rejections until I was accepted by a known publishing house. All was good for a while. My book was to be released in August 2014 and I was really enjoying the editing process. I had a good relationship with my editor and things were looking up.

Then one morning I received an email from the CEO of the company informing me the rights had reverted back to me and my book was returned. What on earth had I done? Apparently I had refused certain edits with my editor (which I hadn’t) and my book wasn’t YA when they had in fact signed me up knowing my MS was New Adult.

I was furious with this company’s behaviour and disappointed. I had wasted all this time corresponding with them and refusing other offers. Though there was a silver lining. The book had extensive edits and 100% better than before, so I kept plodding along. After a few more months of rejections I ended up submitting to my current pub who accepted after reading the first 3 chapters. I was happy the book had found a home as it took all my blood, sweat and tears to finish it. Though I was still bitter with the original publisher. I dug deeper and discovered this company is known for cutting ties with authors if sales weren’t successful.

With all this drama going on, I had started a new job and began writing my next WW2 WIP Unspoken. Things were finally looking up. But as usual life gets in the way. I quit my job after having a pretty traumatic experience and put my WIP on hold.

My passion for writing wilted. I fell into a dark place and even questioned if there was even purpose to write anymore. Who was this person I had become? I found work pretty quickly again and was finally happy. I continued writing my WIP while preparing for my next release To Lean On Falling Men.

In July, I lost my job (go figure) and fell into my seventh month of writing my WIP. It was proving to be the longest length of time to finish it and I was wondering if it would ever be complete. During this time, I started research on my first sci-fi novel just to give my head a break.

In October, Unspoken was finally finished it’s first draft! I couldn’t tell you the weight that was lifted. It was hindering me – I couldn’t go on without finishing this book.

The events of the year was something I never anticipated. They tested and challenged me and made me a better person and writer. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger – it was truly my mantra for 2014. As the year came to a close, I felt I had accomplished a lot.

Unspoken is now finished, ending its beta stage and currently in submission. I hope to find a good publisher or even an agent. For a nice end of year surprise, I received a check from my publisher with a surprising amount!

I am very hopeful for 2015 and hoping it will be a successful year. Have a prosperous 2015 to you all!