Upcoming Works

I’ve created a new page to catalog my upcoming works. You can view it here.



Edge of Tomorrow is out now! You can find it on Amazon for $3.00.

As some of you may know, writing this book was one of the hardest things I had to do. At the time, I was going through some personal things (job loss etc) and it really made me question my love for writing. I was willing to give it up! However, I prevailed and here we are with this release date.

I’m very proud of this novel and I hope you enjoy reading it. I put so much love and tears into this title that I hope it reflects.

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New project

Im sorry for my lack of posts lately. Been busy with life and work.

A few months ago I started my historical fiction Little Bird. At the time I wasn’t really feeling it. See, I’ve been dying to write a dystopia novel. In fact I dreamt of my characters long before I started it. The book is called Promised Land (in fact its been called many names) and it stems from a few book ideas I had in mind. I started writing it a few weeks ago and haven’t stopped. I’m so passionate about it and modestly, my best work yet. I’m looking forward to sending it to agents soon 🙂