Book Update

It’s been a little while since I’ve done an update on what’s happening in my world of writing. There’s a lot going which is fabulous and I really hope 2015 is my year!

As I’ve posted before, Edge of Tomorrow will be released next month by Soul Mate Publishing. It’s currently in the second round of edits and I hope I get this back from my editor soon so I can finalize it and get the book prepared for release day!

I haven’t mentioned anything yet, however I am in talks of doing a book signing for To Lean on Falling Men with a local book store Blue House Books in my area next month. Blue House Books does amazing things for the community and an excellent cause to be involved in. I am petrified by the thought of doing a signing but very excited to meet everyone. I’ve always wanted to do a signing. I’ll keep everyone updated on the official date once I get copies of the book from my publisher.

And lastly, my WW2 HF Unspoken has been finally sold! As some of you may know, writing this novel was one of the toughest and biggest challenges for me and it’s truly been a labour of love and tears.

After 12 months of writing, 3 months of betas and 2 months of submitting, Unspoken has been sold to Blue Tulip Publishing. I signed the contract today and sent all my other little bits off, so I’m very excited to get the ball rolling.

So far, 2015 is looking to be an exciting and fulfilling year for my writing. I hope things get bigger and better from here on!

Update October 2014

Hi everyone, its been ages since my last post. Life has been hectic and I’ve had little time to catch up on this blog. The only news I can report on is I’ve finally finished writing my current WIP, a historical fiction based during the Blitz. It was a project I started working on back in January and its been a struggle to finish it. I can always gauge how content I am with life if I write. If I’m happy, I write. If I’m not happy, I don’t write.

The first half of 2014 was hard for me and I put off ‘Unspoken’ for a very long time. I lost my passion for writing because I was miserable in life. Things have gotten better and I’m glad I can now tick this book off my list. It felt like a weight on my shoulders, weighing on me for so long. I thought about shelving it and starting a new project but I was determined to finish it. Honestly, it ended quicker than I thought. I had envisioned a whole ending but as I wrote, I felt the story was over and put my finishing touches on it. It was one of the hardest books to write because I was going through so much at the time personally.

Now, I can edit and get it ready for publication. This book has been a labour of love and I’m proud to say I have now finished it. In 2012, I churned out 3 books and I promised myself to keep up this habit. But alas, life gets in the way and I’ve managed to write only one book per year since. Maybe this will change.

Watch this space for any news on ‘Unspoken.’ I’m really hoping for an agent because I don’t want to settle for second best this time around. Currently, I am researching and slowly starting my first science fiction. I am a little nervous because there are so many sci fi books out there. However I want mine to be original and outstanding.

Thanks again for your follows. I appreciate it.

Kellie xx

Blog tour has started

Yet another one. My blog tour for Darkness before Dawn has just started today. I’ve been so busy with life that I forgot it was the 22nd.

Its hosted again by READING ADDICTION BLOG TOURS. Visit my promo page here to see the blogs participating.

If you want to know more about Darkness before Dawn, you can read about it in my Books page.

Blog tour – Darkness before Dawn


I’m excited to announce another blog tour with ‘My Addition is Reading.’ Darkness before Dawn came out in July 2013, but I thought it needed another boost. The tour is slated for 22nd April. You can visit my promo page here. More info to come. Stay tuned!

One month till release!

Darkness before Dawn will be released a month from today on July 17th! Im so excited. I’ve been working hard on the edits supplied by my publisher and I hope it is in the best possible way before release. 

I’ve been asked by some people if the book will be in print form. At the moment, no, but it will be available about 10 months after release. It will be able to be purchased from Amazon and Soul Mate Publishing’s site. 

Stay tuned. I will be announcing its release here first. 

Release date news!

I received an update from my publisher today. My historical fiction novel Darkness before Dawn has been given a tentative release date of June 2013. I will post an official date once it has been given to me. Two books out this year so far!